Software Nearshoring – The System Is Broken

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On one hand there are more than 6000 software development companies from Central and Eastern Europe and on the other hand we can’t find the right one for our needs.


The Match-Making-System Is Broken

In Austria there are 1.7 million singles. 850.000 women and 850.000 men. Technically speaking there is a great balance between supply and demand. Still a big issue to find the perfect match. This system is definitely broken!

The match-making system is also broken when it comes to nearshore software development. Companies on both sides are desperate to find the perfect match.


What are the Options?

1. Google Search.

In my example this is the equivalent to Tinder. You get an endless list of companies that appear to deliver exactly what you need. The best of the best, experienced in all industries, 100 senior engineers just waiting for your project. Tinder provides you an endless list of good looking people that appear to be great characters as well.

Great marketing, and a lot of fake I’d say – on Google and on Tinder.


2. Referrals.

The business equivalent to your friends network. If you can get a recommendation from your trusted network is great but just the fact that a nearshore software development company works well for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you as well. Similar to human relationships, business partnerships are equally sensitive. Expectations, values and preferences vary from company to company, from department to department and from decision maker to decision maker.


When Choosing Your Nearshore Software Development Partner

3. Professional networks.

Few seasoned sales men and experienced IT/R&D directors carefully maintain a personal network of trusted suppliers. Not all of them are a good match for your needs but few might be. Those people are “subject matter experts” when it comes to nearshore software development. They have the skills and experience to introduce you only to companies from their network that are indeed a good match for you. They act like a true filter. That is the difference to digital market places where companies try to be a “perfect match” for most of the requests.


Subject matter experts are a valuable source for companies searching for partners but also for suppliers because they only get the highest possible qualified sales leads from them.


How to find them? I know a handful in Europe. They all have different careers (CTOs, VP Sales, entrepreneurs) and provide different levels of service. I’m one of them and I’m willing to help you to identify a software development partner that fits your needs.

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