3 Reasons Why German Companies Like To Outsource Software Testing

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While outsourcing the software development or even parts of it to nearshore software development companies always has supporters and opponents in a company, outsourcing the testing is typically seen as positive by all stakeholders.

Why is Nearshore Testing so different to Nearshore Development? Mainly I hear 3 reasons:


1. Immediate cost savings

Testing efforts are 30 to 40% of your total software project costs. Companies save costs by outsourcing testing in three ways:

  1. Outsourcing labor intense manual testing to nearshore companies with lower labor costs.
  2. Smart outsourcing to test experts in the field of test automation to reduce labor intense manual testing.
  3. A clever combination/transition of 1. and 2.


2. Shorten time to market

Shortening the development phase of a software project is a very theoretical discussion – adding additional engineers to an existing team usually doesn’t shorten the project duration.

Outsourcing testing or some sequential parts of testing has a real and predictable impact on the overall project duration and therefore on the time-to-market.


When Choosing Your Nearshore Software Development Partner

3. Outsourcing the testing is not too risky

While the discussion about outsourcing some parts of the software development usually has a deal of emotional elements, it is relatively easy for companies to get general agreement when it comes to outsourcing parts of their software testing.

You don’t hear sentences like software testing is our core competence or our software tests are too complex – this can’t be outsourced.


While companies focus on the software development (core competence), nearshore partners add a lot of value to all other aspects of testing and quality assurance.


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